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A-100 Sub Harmonic leaking into first drawbar notes? Making it sound muddy. ??

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  • A-100 Sub Harmonic leaking into first drawbar notes? Making it sound muddy. ??

    Hello, this is my first post in here. So forgive me if I break any rules.

    I aquired an a100, my first hammond. I love the sound of hammond and was really psyched to get it. It's a 1960 from bought in Woburn MA, from original owners wife. I soon after aquired a leslie 145 and wired it in, sounds amazing.

    While playing loud chords one day had a pop and volume lowered and sounded distorted, i quickly turned the organ off. Tried later same sound. Talked to my tech he said was probably old filter caps in power amp. Replaced those and when i powered on a cap blew up! Took it to my tech, he said i installed everything fine and he replaced the blown cap and powered on, something started smoking. Turned out to be a shorted power tube i guess. So got that fixed and put power amp, (with new power tubes 6BQ5's) back in the organ. Volume back up to full force. Don't know if it's because i'm listening harder but organ sounds a bit diferent to me now. With the first drawbar pulled out on most notes i feel like i can hear the same note being played a couple of octaves down. It's soft but noticable, more noticable when i get up to 4th octave. When I chord it sounds a bit muddled to me. Just looking for that clear glassy tone that only gets dirty when pushed volumewise. Seems to be always a bit unclear now.

    I was wondering,

    Is the muddyness because all of these phantom low notes are cluttering up the chord?

    I am tapping my leslie from the ao-39 output, but i can also hear these tones thru console speakers as well.

    I have original wax caps on tone generator, my tech said that could contribute to crosstalk and that it might need to get recapped as well.

    I've also heard about those dendrite little metal growths that can short things, could this be a factor?

    What is best way to hunt down this crosstalk, or is it just normal?

    Side question, i thought the muddyness could just be a little overdrive, so i turned the swell capacitor adjustment on preamp all the way to the right and then one full turn to the left.

    How do you guys set your gain staging? in terms of that adjustment, and your leslie volume?

    Thanks for any info!!