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    I had your first problem on my recently acquired L-102. Just the crackling and static though, no "dissonant tone cluster." The solution was simply to run a ground wire from the case of the motor to the chassis of the generator. Instantly cleared up the sound! Why? I have no idea, but it was suggested to me by another forum member, so someone out there must know the secret. It might even take care of your other noise too.

    I also have the same reverb "problem." It doesn't bother me though, and I've just accepted it as a normal part of the design.
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      Sorry for the late reply! I figured I would give a shot at cleaning the sockets on the percussion amp before trying anything further invasive. So far, the unwanted sounds persists!

      And the dissonant tone cluster seems to come and go, strangely. Sometimes its there when I turn it on, other times entirely absent! I had the sound before when my capacitor on the vibrato amp needed repaired. Additionally, I've also had an identical sound come from my Hammond Colonnade when all the draws are pulled out. It's a bit of a mystery, and I hardly would even know even where to start with the Colonnade (not that many would find that model a worthy venture anyways!).

      I have just today come to notice that the static/crackling sounds disappear when I'm holding down a note on the upper console. I'm not sure if that would communicate anything further to you or anyone, but I figure its worth mentioning.

      I'll give the grounding fix a shot and be sure to let you know how it treats! Thank you for the idea and reverb "problem", it is very much appreciated!


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        Moph..on ur l.143 you may have bad grounds I. Your Rca.jacks ,,plugs check thoes and far as your reverb issue take a can of de.toxict and spray the reverb switch bank up under the lid might as well do all them wile you are there I have l.l01..an l.112..a l..122 all the same issues I cleaned the switches and cleaned tube sockets and test tubes thats what is usually wrong with L's usually they have a tendsey to corade the grounds in there so do some de.toxing on the plugs on the amp....pre amp and so on.......as to ur colonnade..if u Git pops and bangs and stuff when it is sitting still...pull out the Tg board...and solider the pins on the plugs this usually does the job if ur up for a challenge to Git the board out I have one too there a headake to Git out..but finding out down the road..u can pull the top lid off and do it that way...check all solider joints on that board first...

        - - - Updated - - -

        Oh one other thing...if u pull that main board out....do me a favor label the plugs or paint them on the board and plug to different colors...Dont be like me I had to search..for days to find out I had 1 little one backwards..

        - - - Updated - - -

        Any of you guys know anything about a verbroto scanner in a M3 that just works when it wants to and moterboats when not working I tried everything it just acts up when u play it..if u keep playing it sometimes it will work fine...can't seem to put my finger on it...my posts on this is in M3 issues...come chat..
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            L-100s are inherently much noisier than the M-100s or the consoles, due to their more modern and kind of cheaper design. You'll never totally get rid of background noises, crosstalk etc on this model.
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              Thank you for the info Enor, I have been reading similarly across other forums about the L-100 series' noisiness. I'm not against noise necessarily, but I would like to make this machine usable for a recording project.

              I have uploaded a video on the two tone cluster noises that can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1wYQvHC-wA

              In the video, I roll bad the volume pedal at about 15sec. Taking into account what I've said already about it, maybe this might suggest something as to where the noises are be coming from. Additionally, I have found, after goofing around on the percussion circuit, that I can get rid of the percussion tab tone cluster that I had been mentioning by running a ground from the soldered lines underneath the percussion circuit to the back of the back of the keys. It seems crude, but I'll roll with it if it works. This is not featured in the linked video. Now what's left is the initial tone cluster tone. It's been quite a mystery so far!


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                I viewed the video and have not had problems with those types of loud noises coming from my L143. My problem seems to be a buzz or hum that begins once the organ has "warmed up" and seems to get a little stronger until any key is depressed on the upper manual which causes the buzz to be much quieter. It will gradually increase in volume until you depress a key again. It isn't loud enough to be heard above someone actually playing the organ and it isn't very noticeable if all sound it directed through a Leslie 125.


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                  I have a bit of a buzz too, you're likely able to hear it from the video!

                  I feel like I've tried about everything with this thing. Surprisingly, a couple of hard kicks to the side of the console didn't do anything either. Maybe I just need to kick harder. =-O


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                    ALRIGHT! Some months have passed and I have updates on the L-143:

                    The dissonant tone cluster noise is really my only problem now, which is still too loud to record with unfortunately.

                    I did some zapping along the percussion circuit and preset tabs and disconnected and reattached a few suspect wires with no improvement on the sound. After zapping, I had an issue with my percussion amp where the percussion signal was not decaying, which I know others have had this problem before! I had an extra amp, so I replaced it and will look to fix the original one later. As I was switching the amp, I noticed that my tone cluster noise dipped when I physically pulled the amp away from the TWG (with the noise being loudest with the back of the amp pointed towards the TWG). I then have looked to tighten up my grounds, principally at the top of the manual, the TWG chassis and the AO-42 screws that are connected to the manual, all with no improvement to the sound when everything was back hooked up.

                    I'm still new to this hammond business so please forgive my ignorance! My immediate questions with this are:
                    1. Could this still be a grounding issue?
                    2. Is moving the percussion amp away from the TWG (even off of the organ) perhaps the best choice at this point?

                    I have been looking around similar forums and have seen descriptions of a similar tone cluster noise problem. I found a link on a Porta-B (similar to the L-100 series) chat that seems to match what I have (described as 'ciphers') which suggests exposed wires to the right of the drawbar assembly puncturing an insulating felt. I've taken a look a did't find any insulting felt/what was described. Perhaps the L-100 differs from the P-100 in this way!

                    Thanks again for your attention and help!!!



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                      MOPH I watched your youtube video and what I'm hearing is u have what sounds like is stuck key contacts it sounds like you have some tones in there while its sitting try this check ground on the TG see if its good..then if that does not do it check key contacts how u can do this is listen to the tones thats trying to play in there...push each key down till u hear one that sounds like the sound that is playing then take your finger and keep hitting that key repeadly until it stops if this does not cure the problem pull out the upper manual if thats where its coming from it could be the lower manual I Dont know but you are going to have to deox it.. the key contacts or clean them its a pain in the rear to do this but it should fix itit...I would try playing with the keys first..it just might be from sitting try pushing each key in the upper manual repeadly each one..then if sounds like its going away your problem is in the upper manual..try doing this also with the lower manual too..let me know if this helps..
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                        One other thing what happens when u pull out all the drawbars on the upper manual does the sounds Git louder?try this with the lower drawbars too make sure u put upper bars all in when u try this with the lower vise versa..ok and let me know if the tones playing Git louder..Dont push any keys when you do this ok..
                        M3(3).M103(3)-M101(1)-L112(1)-L122(1)-(1)H182.H345(1)T312(2)-T582(1)-16462-(1)Aura(1)-C2-with 122 Leslie(1)-CV with D20 cab.(1)710Leslie(1).Thomas Stereo church organ(1).Lowery Deluex(1)kimball swinger 1000.(needs fixed)