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Fitting a B+ supply - where? (hum fields etc)

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  • Fitting a B+ supply - where? (hum fields etc)

    Calling out to those experienced with adding a B+ supply to an older console (The "International Power" unit often used)

    Where did you physically fit it, and how's the hum situation?

    Should I plan on fitting it at an angle like the AO-28 PT even though it's significantly smaller and thus should radiate less?

    It's pretty cramped in the AV I'm fitting it in, so not many options really...
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    The PS you describe was in my CV,mounted on the inner wall of the 'treble' end up beside the preamp.
    Physically as far away from the MT/preset panel as possible.
    It made no hums or bad noises....later I swapped out the IPC unit and used the B+ of an AO43(the vibrato B+).
    This gave me 'verb,perc,and powered the preamp the time I was thrilled to have all these features on a CV.
    The CV actually sounded better through the AO43 than the IPC power supply.Not too shabby for the 'lowly' L100!
    The CV vibrato circuit sounded fantastic!
    The little 'red box' metal tool kit (122 preamp/porta B AO43) I built, would retro all these features to an AV?

    Must be super cramped inside an AV.Does it still have it's chrome drawbars?
    Much smoother with less dead spots than the later 'ratchets' IMO.
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      If you're brave, you could always hook it up, switch it on, and move it around to see where you get the least hum interaction. I haven't done it with a B+ supply, but I've done it with other transformer situations.

      But you'd probably be arrested for that in Europe for violations of electrical safety procedures ;-) And, yes, I am joking before someone gets upset with me.
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