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Hammond M3 and 44W rig!

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  • Hammond M3 and 44W rig!

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    Hey ya'll! It's been a while since I've posted anything here. I have recently wrapped up quite an endeavor with my latest, and final, Hammond/Leslie combo.

    Hammond M3, 1950's of course, WITH the back panel which makes me very happy. I have done quite a bit of work to it and it's amazing. The list includes: poor man's fold back, upper manual tapering, lower manual octave mod, percussion mod, felts, amp recap, and my buddy and I put a red-cap generator in it. It is glorious! I also have a red cap vibrato line that I haven't looked into installing yet.

    Leslie 44W of the same vintage. Full amp rebuild, original tubes, I installed the Benton Electronics 2 speed controller which has been great. I think I still need to get the upper motor even more clean because the top rotor isn't coming up to speed like the bottom rotor. Maybe I'll try to swap the motors as well and see what happens. I haven't replaced bearings yet. We reversed the direction of the bottom rotor and I installed a new crossover from Tonewheel General. I know I don't have the screws in the pack panel of the Leslie in the picture.

    Overall... after I work out a few more kinks this rig is going to be more than adequate for any jamming that I do at my house and I don't think I'll miss a full console on bit. I may miss a few features of course, like presets... but the tone will all be there. My limited abilities prevent me from taking full advantage of a full console anyway.
    Hammond M3 & Leslie 44W

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    This is a really nice post. That M just glows in the incandescent light, probably more beautiful because of the patina from aging. Nice to see the Leslie horn right there beside you. The drum set, the amp, and what looks like a guitar or two. When I played drums in a blues band in Toronto Canada, our organist had an M and it was fine, fattened the sound of the band, complemented the horn section, and was far easier to lug up and downs stairs than a B3.

    I think that you can be proud of all the work that you have so painstakingly done to get the tone right.

    Happy playing!
    1955 B3, Leslie 21H and 147. Hammond A100 with weird Leslie 205. 1976 Rhodes. Wurlitzer 200A. Yamaha DX7/TX7. Korg M1. Yamaha C3 grand, 67 Tele blond neck, Les Paul Standard, PRS 24, Gibson classical electric, Breedlove acoustic electric, Strat, P Bass, Rogers drum kit, Roland TD 12 digital drums, Apollo quad, older blackfaced Fender Twin, other amps, mics and bits and pieces cluttering up the "studio."


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      Thank you for the kind response. It is appreciated. I am certainly looking forward to hearing it in a band setting as we have not had a chance to get together since it has been finished.
      Hammond M3 & Leslie 44W


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        Very cool build.
        Aboard the Rite of Passage M3 Restart


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          Very nice, in deed. Thanks for the great post. I have a question or two. I have an A100 and a 21H. I am intending to add the Benson 2 speed conversion. Which kit did you use, the plug-n-play version or did you opt for the one that allows slow, fast, and stop? I see you have a half-moon switch - did you run an additional cable to the Leslie to control the speeds? I would love to hear more about how you actually ended up implementing the conversion and the control.


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            Great M3 and early shorty! Yeah! Those early shorty cabs are really great builds!
            Thanks for keeping this stuff working,and out of the landfill!
            Wish there were more people like you!

            This 45 has a few mods.The M3 too. Unlikely pair met up last year and make a great couple though....
            sorry no M3 back so a 'modesty shot' lol. Wes G heard this one. From a block away.....
            Leslie 760 motor stacks have 'correct classic' inertia on speed/slow unlike the newer versions.
            The 45 cab can handle the extra DB no problem.Easily the most DB of any shorty box in this posse.
            I like to test these three 'blind' and show people the results! 142/145/'770'......many actually choose the 760.

            I know those controllers work as intended on freshly serviced motors,however.....
            I know my way around the old style stacks so with no learning curve and results I'm looking to hear?
            I went with the Leslie 760 to rebuild my 45.Nice looking box.Also have a 44W in the works.
            Got both boxes empty,they had been parted out.Shame to waste nice cabinets.The 760's were falling apart anyway.

            This M3 with the 'PMF' and R1 perc mod? Easily passes for a console on upper manual 888000005!
            In fact,no Leslie goes out until it passes the M3 test! My go to shop tester!
            Those pedals some folks detest? Ever looked at those waveforms on a scope and compared the excursion of the woofer?
            B3 pedals aren't nearly as deep as M3 pedals side by side,have both right here to test!
            If a box gets the OK from this M3? It's good to go!
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            A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/142 BV/147 BCV/145 M3/145 M102/145 M111/770 L101/760 T222/HL722 M111/770 no B3/C3!


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              I'm on my fifth conversion.People keep parting out old tube Leslies,and I keep stuffing 760's in them.
              To these ears,they sound very close to tube,including 2nd harmonic saturation!

              The black '63 122 cab is hardwood baffle and has a 760 in it.Have to agree with Wes G,no mics needed.....
              ok then send the Vent to FOH.....

              Last week I had a pair of '770' clones hanging off a Nord C2D and no mics were needed.
              They kept up to an Ampeg 8X10 cab and a 4X12 Marshall stack no problem with stock V21 drivers!
              These boxes 'worked as intended'.More overall bark than a 122/147,in '69 this was a must.
              The 760 was the 'standard' issue,and the 900 series went further,adding JBL uppers!

              Maybe some day I'll get back covers for the M3,A100 etc.
              More folks are looking for least I am.
              Way easier to pair a spinet with to 'send off'......"No? You MUST take the organ too!"......... .;)
              Not the 'last one' I intend to do,that's for sure.I'm only 65!

              Would Don L be mad at me for re-purposing his gear?
              Unlikely,those tolex cabs were decidedly corporate CBS and not Don,
              and never had the acoustic workmanship of a proper vented cab!
              His SS amps mimic his tube stuff remarkably well!
              Funny how his contribution to the 760 survives in 'vintage' boxes!

              The modern 971 is the 11 pin equivalent,still made.
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              A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/142 BV/147 BCV/145 M3/145 M102/145 M111/770 L101/760 T222/HL722 M111/770 no B3/C3!


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                I really like an Atlas PD-5 of whatever flavor in a 760...takes more abuse than a V21 and punches like a ninja but still with good tone. When my only vehicle was a hatchback I was routinely gigging with the 760 and an about potent! Rig would knock doors down... :)
                Todd in Cheesecurdistan -
                Some consoles, some Leslies, parts, tubes, etc.


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                  I love my 760/142 hybrid as well! Loud and reliable.
                  Current organs: AV, M-3, A-100
                  Current Leslies: 22H, 122, 770


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                    Very nice work, Swirly...that's a great looking pair. IMO a 44W is an unsung hero in the Leslie world. I've got one that also has the Benton controller and love the way it sounds and works. I once had an M3 with that same dress front. When I moved to a smaller place it was gonna be relegated to an unheated storage area so I swapped it for an acoustic guitar to a guy who was gonna give it a good home. Enjoy your rig!