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Hammond e112 percussion mod question

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  • Hammond e112 percussion mod question

    Hello, this is my first post. I've been reading a lot here now that I just picked up my first Hammond organ that I got for free from an add on Facebook from someone who was just 20 minutes away! It's in great shape. I got it oiled up, fixed some keys. It even came with some spare keys! 4 of the upper draw bars were not working for any of the notes on the upper manual but I got two of them to work after prodding around the percussion section. I'm still having trouble finding the problem with 4' and 2'. I figured I'll go ahead and started the percussion mod since I want to have that done then see where that leaves me with the draw bars. I'm using the instructions from the service manual by Jerry Waelterman.

    I'm confused by one of the steps-
    "Remove two yellow wires: One at CHIMES 5 - tape the wire, the other at XYLO 7 - jump this wire to CHIMES 5"
    Do I cut the wire on xylo 7 so that I can use it to go to chimes 5, thus connecting chimes 5 directly to xylo 7? Or does it mean to leave the wire connected to the other end which would connect the bottom lug of banjo 7 to top chimes 5?

    If that's the case could I just cut the wire connected to chimes 5 near its other end (that's connected to bottom lug of guitar 5) so that its long enough to reach the other wire connected to banjo 7?

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    Alright after some work I got all the drawbars working and I got 3rd and 4th percussion sounding. I also got the 2nd working but there's an extra tone coming from it that I need to find out where it's coming from. The short/long switch doesn't seem to have any effect either. Percussion tones play for as long as I have keys down.

    Also, the reiteration does not work. It hasn't since before I did the mod. I was using my multimeter in diode test mode to check one of the diodes and I get about .6 volts measuring one way and when I reversed the leads, the reiterate started working! But only while the meter leads are touching in this order. I don't know if it has something to do with the meter sending out something or what. I tried bypassing the diode with wire and it does nothing. Any thoughts??


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      Update: I was able to zap the reiterate into working. Now I just need to figure out what's going on with the long/short decay tab and I'll be satisfied enough to close the thing up and start playing!


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        Alright, now today the reiteration quit working again and the percussion tones faded away within about a minute. Whenever I put two 9 volts in series and connect them to the black and white wire on top of the 2nd percussion switch and the white and black wire going to the reiterate tab by the potentiometers I can get it going again. But when I restart the organ it eventual runs into the same problem. Also can't figure out the long/short decay switch. I have it wired for variable decay. In either position and wherever the reiterate knob is, there's no effect. I'm pretty stumped right now and could really use some help. Also is there a K tab somewhere on the e112?