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Hammond SKX breakout cable

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  • Hammond SKX breakout cable

    Does anyone have knowledge of, or how to fashion a breakout cable for the 11 pin connection on the SKX similar to the breakout cable on the SK series which used the 8 pin Leslie out connection? This would facilitate the use of the dry organ signal via pin one on the 11 pin connector, and trigger the extra voice signals out of the line outs. After several phone calls, Hammond-Suzuki finally admitted that neither the 1122 or 1147 boxes will work properly with the SKX organ, and the 122XB will also not work properly with the SKX. (speed switching will not work properly)

    My 1122 box will turn on with the SKX and route the organ signal out of pin 1 and route the Extra Voices through the line outs, but as stated above speed switching will not work (slow speed). There are questions on other forums (and on this one) asking the same or similar questions, but no response has been forthcoming from from the manufacturer. It does appear that shorting pin 5 to pin 6 would let the SKX know that a Leslie is attached and accomplish what I want, but input from someone brighter than myself would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    How will the speed switching not work properly with the 122XB?

    I've read through the SKX manual and the Leslie manual and it seems everything will work as it is described. I have an XK-3c and an SK-1 connected to a 3300 via their Leslie cables and the full range output of the 3300 to a 21System. The 3300 is connected to 2 amps for the SK-1's EVs.

    The SKX will send the organ to the 122XB via the 11 pin cable and its EVs will be available at the 1/4" line outs. If the SKX's Bypass button is off the Organ is sent to the Leslie and speed control is via the footswitch/buttons, taps toggle fast/slow and holding it for a second stops it. If Bypass is on the organ is sent out the 1/4" line outs along with the EVs. The digital Leslie can be set for either 1 or 3 channel type Leslie. This also affects how an attached Leslie will work. See Page 51 for a graphic of the button combinations and Leslie states. The SKX can have the Leslie have only stopped and fast modes if desired.

    The manual pages with pertinent Leslie information are: 17, 51, 76 & 84.

    A CU-1 half moon switch can also be added to the SKX.


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      This information came directly from Hammond U.S.A. Call 'em up, I would love to have this information verified by another party. I also have read, in the SKX manual, how to use the 122XB, but according to the technical staff at Hammond, it will not work. I have had a XK3, Xk3c, Sk1, SK2, 3300 Leslie, and all those worked properly, including the 8-pin breakout cable. I realize this seems hard to believe, hopefully the Hammond technical staff will post an answer.


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        It isn't hard to believe, I'm just curious about what actually happens. You mention slow speed, but not what happens. Will it not go slow or only go slow?


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          Will not go slow. The technician that I spoke with at Hammond-Suzuki told me that Hammond was working on a replacement part for the 122XB. My main thrust in opening this discussion was to use some of the expertise on this forum to gain (and share) knowledge in regards to what appears to be a shortcoming in the SKX. Thanks for your input.