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Leslie 760 to a H122 series organ

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  • Leslie 760 to a H122 series organ

    Hi Guys,

    I did quit a bit of research but i am realy new in the Hammond scene (1,5 year) and can't figure it out.

    What iv'e got; A Hammond H 112 with a build-in Leslie kit for a 122 (6 pins) with a half moon (tremelo/chorus).
    The build-in Leslie-kit has a 2 connections 1 output that says 'Leslie' and 1 that says 'tone cabinet'.
    The previous owner had A 122 hooked up to the H 112 but didn't want to sell it.......

    The Leslie I own is a 760 and love the sound of that beast, it's now hooked up to a M102 (also thru a 6 pins Leslie kit) and a srt of converter-box 6 pin IN from the organ to the 9 pin OUT to the Leslie. (there is a relay in the box and some capacitors)

    What i love to have is the 760 hooked up to the H112.
    Is there any one connected them together in the past, ore can somebody pin me out what i have to do to make this to work?
    If it produces sound and only goes fast and slow that's ok for me.

    I am Dutch so when i gets realy technical i hope u can draw me a scheme, pictures often say more than 1000 words.

    (there is a service manual on it's way to me, and i hope there are schemes in it, that could help)

    Hope i am al clear to you what i have and would like to have and many thanks in advance guys!

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    The H was designed to be "Leslie-Proof" in that Mr Hammond did everything he could to prevent attaching a Leslie to one of his organs.
    Obviously, Mr Leslie did what was necessary to work around these efforts, that is why you have that interface box. That interface was specfically designed for a 122 type Leslie and a Hammond Tone Cabinet.
    Here is the instruction sheet for the interface as well as a schematic for the Leslie 760.
    As you can see, you will have to make some sort of custom connector to go from the interface box to the 9 pin Leslie.
    Pretty much, the output of that interface is simply a 5 conductor plug that was made into a 7 pin connector, 2 terminals of which were dummies, or no connection.
    Click image for larger version

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      And bear in mind, of course, that the 760 is an unbalanced input, so the unbalanced to balanced transformer in the kit will not be needed. The speed switching is totally different, of course, much simpler just using grounding of one of two pins in the case of the 760. Your existing trem/chorale switch will be able to give you, er, tremolo and chorale but not the stop option that the 760 can do when neither of the speed switching pins arr grounded.

      With a bit of thought and a 9-pin female Amphenol socket, you should be able to get the 760 working on the H. Should kick a** when it does!
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        Thanks Guys,

        That helped a bit but that's complete because of my lack of knowledge...
        I made a quick sketch but still confused.

        Still have to connect the fast and slow and the signal

        Can somebody complete the scheme? Ore am I complete off here?.......

        The console connector kit 8240 is already mounted in the Organ.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Scheme H to L.png
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        Thanks in advance to help me out!