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Hammond X66

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  • Hammond X66

    Ran across a Hammond X66 while looking for a new addition. I understand that if I wanted to add another Hammond this is a more desirable model? This one is located in Virginia. It’s been in storage for a couple of years. They are selling the organ, pedals, bench, the original tone cabinet and a 122 Leslie. They are asking $1500. They don’t seem to be willing to negotiate yet. What do think it’s really worth? Should I be worried that’s its been in storage? Can’t save them all but would this one really be worth it? I’ll try to post pics. Sorry if this is the wrong area for the thread...
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    Most Hammond purists will tell you to run away from the X-66, saying things like "It's not a proper tonewheel organ." Well, it isn't a proper tonewheel organ, but don't let that put you off! It's a very different animal to the run of the mill tonewheel organs - full story: There was nothing like it on the market when it came out and there has been nothing quite like it since, it's a true one-off.

    They have a heck of a lot of electronics in them and can take a fair old amount of TLC to get back into prime condition. Once there, though, it's a unique sound. $1500 including a 122 is fair, the organ alone would be worth far less. I tend not to use leslie on them, even if there's one attached, as the vibrato is an intrinsic part of the X-66's sound and character.

    There's plenty of info on the X-66 out there on line - should be your first port of call!
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      Thanks for the info Andy! Checked out the website. Wow! This one sounds like it might be too much of an undertaking for me. If it has to be totally rebuilt I could see were not possessing the right skills, parts or patience could be an issue.