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Tone generators

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  • Tone generators

    is there any difference in the tone generator in an M-3 versus say the B-3? someone told me they are exactly the same. Also what is the difference between a "blue motor" generator and the two switch generator? and finally while I am at it. why do some Hammonds have twice the drawbars than others I am getting an R100 series which has tone wheels and it only has one set of drawbars whereas the A 100 has two. thank you very much for any replies

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    Blue motor - self starting - runs at 1800rpm (US)
    2 motor - separate start & run motor. Runs at 1200rpm (US)

    M3 TWG is missing tones 13-17. KB starts at F1 instead of C1
    Consider DB sets as user controlled presets. Some have 1 & some have 2. Just a feature of the organ model. As with any design there is a trade off with feature versus cost.



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      The B-3 and M-3 generators are similar, but not the same. The M-3 generator has slightly different bass tonewheels (1-12) and is missing five frequencies used in the larger console organs, having only 86 tonewheels vs. the 91 in most larger console organs.

      Some spinets had self-starting motors, while the the two-switch models have separate start motors and run motors.

      Some models have more sets of drawbars for greater performance flexibility.
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