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New Year 2018-Do you have a gig?

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  • New Year 2018-Do you have a gig?

    Posting in the Hammond section, because these are the guys most likely to play out. Sadly, I do not have a gig, but I'm not really that sad about it. For perhaps 25 years, New Year's was always The Best Gig. The good ones were booked by the end of summer. Pile on the perks: Rooms/Meals/Drinks/breakfast/parking/whatever else you could work. I've had some great ones, usually New Years to a gigging band meant at least double, occasionally triple the $$$.

    Now, sadly, the damn $100 DJ in a college town has been hard on live music in general. I've been gigging less, the last couple of years. I'm tiring of the 9-1am thing, and getting home at 2-4am (depending on driving) in addition to the 40 hour/week. I've played a lot of Sunday afternoon jams. I recently figured up in the last 6 years, I've played about 450 4-hour gigs.

    I've been invited to a party of musicians tonight, I'll probably go to that. I know they have a ramp and a decent PA, so easy to roll up some gear. These are local guys that I know well, and have played with most of them at some time or another. It will be the best band around, but no public will be there.
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    You too? I'm thrilled to have a New Years off for a change. Saturday night (the 29th) was a sold out show so Saturday seems an easier sell than Monday.....
    I've played 40 out of the last 50 mind you.Had some great ones,lots of interesting tales,mostly true......had a fantastic year in 2018.

    Now if I can just step away from the Model D's and Neutrons for an hour......chain these puppies up(4 each) and off to the races.
    Poly mode is just one of the options.OB anyone? These Neutrons have Spaceship Superstar exact.The Model D is a great speaker excursion tester.
    Any suspect surrounds? Keep away from that puppy.
    I'm forbidden from playing Jump however...Maureen draws the line there! "I bought you those AKG headphones".....
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