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Harry Stoneham sheet music for Michael's

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  • Harry Stoneham sheet music for Michael's

    Hi Guy's,
    I am trying to obtain either a music book or a copy of sheet music for the theme tune to the Michael Parkinson chat show played by Harry Stoneham. Here lies the problem, I have the 'Play Jazz organ' book by Harry which includes Michael's Theme but for some inexplicable reason is minus the middle eight part of the tune. I did many years ago see a music book with the Theme tune included and it did have the middle eight so I am pretty sure there is a book about with the tune 'in full' !! If anybody could give me a link to this book I would be forever grateful. Alternatively if they would like to sell it to me then even better.
    I once met Harry at a concert he was giving. A very lovely, friendly person who when I mentioned about the lack of a middle eight in his book simply said send a message to me and I'll send you the full tune free of charge. Oh how I wish I'd done that !! I tried to contact his daughter in Australia through these Forums with no success. I do believe he has a son somewhere in London. I also believe that Harry is still alive and well somewhere in the U.K. I have PM'd AndyG who has been incredibly helpful but so far we have both hit a wall.
    If there are any Forum members who could assist can you please post on this thread. Also If anyone knows of Harry's whereabouts I'm sure other Forum members would be interested.

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    Working on it! :)

    Harry is, we believe, not at all well these days. There are a couple of threads about him.
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      Hi Guys,
      Great news, we now have the full version.
      All I ask now is if anybody has news on Harry Stoneham. I was a great fan of him personally and used to tune into the Parkinson Show just to hear the theme tune intro and hopefully to see him playing for guest singers. His promotion of the Lowrey MX1 was something special particularly because the MX1 broke new ground in the organ world with the first ever fully automated accompaniments (bet I get proved wrong on that one).
      Please PM me for a link to the music.


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        Hi Chris, I'd love to have a copy of the full version of the Parkinson theme. Thanks for offering. Simon