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Hammond Commodore (328322) with leslie 720

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  • Hammond Commodore (328322) with leslie 720

    Hello everyone, new guy here. I have a question about hooking a Leslie 720 cab to my Commodore, Both are 11 pin. Will I need a speaker connector kit with switches or can I just hook the cabinet directly into the console? I found a 720 that im going to pick up this week and was curious if I needed anything else. Thank you all in advance.

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    Organ/Leslie connection is plug and play.

    No connector kit or switches required. There should be two illuminated white pushbuttons between the manuals on the right side of the console: "Main Off" and "Echo On". When the Leslie is plugged in the pushbuttons serve to route the organ output.

    When "Echo On" is pressed the organ output is routed to the organ and Leslie. If the “Main Off” is then pressed, output is routed through the Leslie only. If no buttons are pressed the output sound is handled by the internal speakers in the organ.
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      Perfect, I am am even more excited about picking up the 720. Thank you so much.


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        Hello everyone, I just got the 720 working. After I picked it it up and got it home I found the stationary amp was blown, shorted 2N3055 transistors and it smoked the 6.8ohm resistors. Picked up the parts today and installed them. New 2.5 amp fuse and it came back to life. The issue im having now is the organ itself has developed an issue. It has a constant hissing noise, it has had a popping when powering of and on but always quite one on. I had not even plugged it into the leslie yet, it played fine last night but today now that I got the leslie going it's hissing. I found the other post with the hammond 328322 with the same issue and I pulled all the connectors and polished the pins with an eraser and still no luck. Please help 😣