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31H 60hz Hum and Loud Popping

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  • 31H 60hz Hum and Loud Popping


    Been a while but our church has an A100 hooked to a 31H Leslie (sn 6050) that has intermittent loud 60hz hum and popping noise.

    The speaker is usually fine with the usually low hum, but every now and then it goes into a tizzy where it hums really loud and if the last bass pedal on the left is pressed, it plays the tone but with noticeably loud popping,, almost like electrical arching noise. We currently have a borrowed 122 hooked to the organ so we don't think it's the organ itself, but we don't know where to begin troubleshooting the Leslie.

    The shop we contacted is going out of business and seems more interested in selling us the 122 instead of fixing our 31H. I like the sound of the 31H and would like to keep it if possible, but they say it's probably not worth fixing and wants to sell us their last remaining 122 for $1000 that has a horrible looking cabinet. This was their last day in business and the guy will be working out of his garage after today.

    I don't know much about electronics but I'm thinking the problem must be in the amp since there's not much else to cause this kind of trouble. Can someone recommend a place that can rebuild the amp, or is this something a layman can look into? I was thinking of contacting Alan Dickson down in Colorado Springs but I don't see him on eBay and don't know how to otherwise reach him. It's been a while since we've needed any service.

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    Hi Soapm,

    Are you sure the cable is not causing the issue? If the sound is intermittent in nature, I would start with testing a different known-good cable. Otherwise, you'll want to seek service. I see that you have a visitor message posted. Heed that advice. Good luck!


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      No matter what, I would make sure all the caps have been replaced....assuming that they haven't yet.


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        Remove amp.Send to David Anderson.


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          The only reason I'm not suspecting the cable is because the borrowed 122 is working just fine though stranger things have happened.

          I found a local shop that said they can rebuild the amp for $300 to $400 depending on the transformers, does that sound about right?

          PS... What is a visitor message and how do I see them? Found it...

          Ps... Ps... Who is David Anderson? I googled "David Anderson organ" and nothing stands out??? Found him...
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