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XK3C Lower Keyboard Split

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  • XK3C Lower Keyboard Split

    I'm trying to split the lower keyboard so I can play manual bass and comp with the upper keys. When I press M bass the lower keyboard responds by changing keys c1 thru b2 to bass. The other keys (c3 thru c6) are silent until I set some drawbars for the loser keyboard. The problem is that setting those drawbars also changes the tone of the M bass. How can I setup the keyboard so that only the c3 thru c6 keys respond to the lower drawbars without affecting the M bass keys.

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    The upper drawbars control the sound of C3 to C6 when in split mode.


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      I think what I wrote was confusing - just to show you how confused I am. I have two keyboards (manual). I'm trying to get the lower manual to split so I can play Mbass but have the sliders (tone wheel) to on affect from c3 to c6 on the lower manual leaving the upper manual unaffected. I do not have the bass pedals although I'm thinking it would make everything a little easier.


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        IIRC the lower manual can't be split like the upper can. What I did with my XK-3c is send the lower manual MIDI out (along with the MIDI outs of the pedals, XK-3c, SK-1, Peavey PC1600x and a little Korg slider unit) to a computer and I use SoundQuest's MIDI Tools MIDI Mapper to send all the goezouttas to the right goezinttas. I have the lower manual split and send the lower octave and a half or so to the XK-3c as the lower manual and the rest to the SK-1 to play its upper manual (Organ) while the SK-1's manual plays its Extra Voices layered with the XK-3c's EVs. I can shift octaves, change channels, adjust velocity values and much more. I use the lower manual's preset keys to select setup patches in the MIDI Mapper.

        You could do the same kind of thing and have the mapper change the channel for the lower part of the manual to the pedal channel so the XK-3c thinks it is getting pedal notes and have the rest just be the lower manual. You could also shift the octaves etc. as desired.

        SoundQuest: isn't free for the full version.

        MIDI-OX: Is free and can be used to do much the same thing. I've tried using it in the past but didn't like it. The way it works and the way my head works are incompatible.

        Good luck.


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          Thanks. I'll give that a try..


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            ok...gotcha. I misunderstood. JJMcS is the man for this stuff. Good luck with it.


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              I should have checked the manuals before I posted. The XK-3c lower manual can be split (the XK-3 can't) but I'm not sure if that just sets the range for the manual bass and the lower manual still overlaps it (See Pg. 92 #s 6 - 8).

              One possibility may be to turn Local Control off (Pg. 96 #3) set External Zones for the Upper (1 zone for the whole keyboard), Lower manual (2 zones for pedals and lower manual) (Pg. 94 #s 9 - 12 (I don't think 13 - 25 need to be changed), set MIDI Mode to In1/In2 and connect the MIDI Out to a MIDI In. Since the lower manual is already connected to one of the MIDI Ins you might have to play around with different MIDI Channels so that the XK-3c doesn't respond to the note signals coming directly from the manual but changes the channel to the one it will respond to coming back in the other MIDI In.

              If this works you will have to save it to a preset and then either adjust all the other preset keys you use to those settings and save them or save that preset to the other preset keys and then adjust all the other settings in each and save them.

              A third option would be to save the settings to one preset, call up that preset and then turn the EV Preset Load parameter (Pg. 58 #7) off. This is a Bank parameter so you would need to do this for each of the Banks you use.

              The above is why I just send everything through a computer and do the mapping etc. there. ;>) Good luck.