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Replacing the string on a M3

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  • Replacing the string on a M3

    Hey Folks I need to replace the strings going to the vibrato scanner and motor. Any good threads on this you can point me to?

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    I remember this Youtube clip that might point you to the right string and how this can be done with an M3 (this was an A100, but the principles are the same). See what you think.

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      you have to disassemble the scanner. then drill out the rivets. the you can take out the bearings and change the wicks.

      on the flywheel side of the motor cut away the old thread that is knotted around the bearing and install the new one.

      on the scanner side of the motor it is more difficult. you have to partly disassemble the motor. pulling the gear and take the shaft out.

      if possible you just knot the new wick to the rest of the old wick ( if still existing )

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