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"poor man foldback" troubles

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  • "poor man foldback" troubles

    In the process of cleaning out the peanut shells stuck in my newly purchased M3 (i think it's a '58) I pulled the covers off the upper manual intention of doing a "poor man's foldback" on the upper notes. I saw an M3 youtube video showing the removal of conductors from a ground clamp and resoldered to the corresponding key terminals. Seemed simple enough, until I got the covers off and found no tone conductors terminated on a ground clamp but all tone conductors wired through a loom on the backside and none terminated to a visible ground.
    I expect that I will have to abandon the idea of a upper manual foldback, but thought I'd ask the community if it is possible, and if so where I can find out how it's done. I'm putting a couple photos up to show how my upper manual is set up
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    nevermind.... I cleaned my glasses-see it now.
    Last edited by solst1ce; 02-15-2019, 01:00 PM. Reason: I see my error... ground are right where they are supposed to be.


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      just showed up. glad you found it.
      tied to the same terminals everything is, it's kinda hard to spot sometimes.
      I've done both. Years ago I did a 'poor man' version. This last year, I did a full up version with added contacts and busbars.
      Either one is worth it, IMO.