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Hammond SK2 midi'd to Yamaha MOXF8. No velocity sensitivity

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  • Hammond SK2 midi'd to Yamaha MOXF8. No velocity sensitivity

    Hi all,

    I have an SK2 which I midi to a Yamaha MOXF8. I generally play sounds on the MOXF8 from the lower SK2 keyboard but the same problem occurs on the upper keyboard. The midi setup (using SK2 zones) generally works fine except that when playing a MOXF8 sound on the SK2 I get no velocity sensitivity. When I adjust the VEL parameter in the Zone, the sound from the MOXF8 gets louder but not velocity sensitive. Is this to be expected, or can I do anything about it?


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    What channel are you using for the external zone? If it is the same as the SK-2's lower manual in the MIDI settings you may be double triggering notes on the MOXF8. Once from the high point (with a set velocity value IIRC) that is used for the organ notes and a second time from the lower point that is used for the internal EVs and External Zones.

    I don't have my manual handy to refer to.


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      Thanks for your reply. No, it's not that. The basic midi settings are OFF and I just use zones to communicate with the MOXF8.