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Contact cleaning Aurora 232272 manuals

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  • Contact cleaning Aurora 232272 manuals

    I acquired a Aurora Classic Model 232272 s/n C 69802. I have removed the lower manual from the organ. All articles I read address busbar cleaning. This manual is completely different. There is no busbar adjustment and only a single copper busbar. Several of the contact points appear to be oxidized and dirty. Is there a recommended procedure for cleaning. Also, how do I remove the upper manual? I have got close but don't want to proceed without some guidance.

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    I use a "typewriter eraser" to clean the bar. It's a tight space and you want to clean the top of it without bending the contacts. There is no need to remove the manuals, just raise them up and work on them in place.
    Typewriter erasers are likely hard to find these days which is why I bought a case of them years ago. They have always proven very useful in electronic repair.



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      Thank you. That is helpful. By typewriter eraser do you mean the white rollsw of stuff that was onn old typewriters to erase a misspelled letter I' sure I won't find any around where I live. Will 1500 grit wet/dry paper do instead.


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        No, I'm sure George means what we in the UK would call a 'rubber', a term that changes its meaning somewhat in mid-Atlantic! :D

        Pencil eraser might be the term for US use. We can still get them over here, though most are some form of plastic rather than rubber. Not sure if they work in teh same way on contacts, busbars etc.

        I personally wouldn't use wet/dry on the bar, but George is the pro engineer, not me!
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          Here's what I use on all electronic and pipe organs....

          With a small shop vacuum cleaner, hold the hose nozzle close to the area you will clean up.

          Use a 1 inch wide, soft bristle paint brush, and sweep away any accumulated dust build up around the busses.

          The vacuum nozzle is to suck up the dust and debris as you sweep with the 1 inch brush.

          Use a can of Deoxit for your oxidation cleaner. Squirt some Deoxit into a small clean jar. Hold your hand over the top of the jar so the vapor from the Deoxit spray stays inside the jar, rather than your breathing it.

          Once you have perhaps a teaspoon full of Deoxit in the bottom of the jar, use a small, artist's paint brush, dipped into the Deoxit, and work it into the contact points and buss bar.

          This should clean up your oxidation problems, and last for a long time without further contact problems.

          1 inch paint brush can be bought in Home Depot, or a hardware store.
          Small artist brushes can be bought in Walmart (artist's supplies).
          DeOxIt can be bought in most electronics supply houses.


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            Thank you everyone. I used the suggestions with the brush and DeOxIT, reseated all the board connectors and the keys now sound great with the exception of B flat on both manuals at all frequencies. It makes a sound in tune but 2 octaves higher with a odd tonality. With the 2 ft drawbar only no sound at all. Going to go back and check all my work and see if I left a connector not seated or a bit of dust on the bus. Suggestions gladly accepted.
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