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Insert points or signal out points R100 series or similar

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  • Insert points or signal out points R100 series or similar

    I'm studying the schematics, trying to find different places to try to insert an FX loop into the main and leslie channels of my R100. Any recommendations?
    I'd like to be able to add a bit of overdrive or other guitar style effects to the signal. Places I'm considering are:
    1. Just before the Footpedal - that way, whatever I do to the signal can be changed in volume by the pedal.
    2. Just after the Footpedal - that way, the footpedal can be used to drive the effects e.g. overdrive.
    3. Where the preamp signals enter the poweramps.

    These would be send and return at each point, so in theory I could bypass the footpedal for one of the signals, by going from a send before the pedal to a return after the pedal, maybe via a separate volume control e.g. to allow one manual (on main channel) to stay at a fixed volume while using the footpedal to swell the other manual (on Leslie channel).
    For 1 and 2, the returns from the footpedal go back to the preamp, where there is another gain stage, with a volume trimmer, to adjust levels if the fx returns are not right. For 3, these same volume trimmers could act as level controls to feed the FX loop.
    I'm going to see what sort of signal levels there are at these various points, but I was hoping someone has already experimented with this and can share their findings.