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Questions on my A100 and 247

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  • Questions on my A100 and 247

    <p class="MsoNormal">I have purchased a nice A-100 and a Leslie 247 and have a
    few questions about their connection and about the 2 pieces in general.<span style=""> </span>My tech will be coming this week to do the
    setup work.<span style=""> </span>Sorry for the long post.</p>

    <p class="MsoNormal"> <o:p></o:p></p>

    <p class="MsoNormal">1. I have a connector kit with 2 half moon switches and a
    connector box that says ‘Leslie Connector 012617’ on it.<span style=""> </span>When I opened it and checked it out, it
    matches the schematics of the #26-1 connector boxes I have seen online.<span style=""> </span>However, there is a #26-1 box for sale on
    eBay <span style=""></span>(;ih=022)
    that has a couple capacitors and a resistor on some of the connections inside
    the box. Which is correct?<span style=""> </span>What are
    these extra components for?<span style=""> </span>Are they
    necessary?<span style=""> </span>Can I use the box I have
    that I believe was originally used for a Hammond E-100 series to Leslie 147
    connection?<span style=""> </span></p>

    <p class="MsoNormal">2. I plan to use the above mentioned #26-1 or one similar to it
    to connect the 247 to the A100.<span style=""> </span>My
    question is this:<span style=""> </span>Do I have the choice
    to allow the Reverb in the A100 to always be connected (and controlled by its
    pot) or have it turned off by the Main/Ensembe/Echo switch with the main A100
    Power Amp (Echo position)?<span style=""> </span>It seems to
    me I can leave the speaker out lines to the Reverb intact and tap into the
    speaker lines to the A100 Main speakers only.<span style="">
    </span>This would only turn off the A100 main speakers with the Leslie Half
    moon switch.<span style=""> </span>Is this practical?<span style=""> </span>Wouldn’t it be useful to have the Leslie on
    AND only Reverb on in the A100?<span style=""> </span>I could
    always use the pot to turn the reverb off if I wanted.</p>

    <p class="MsoNormal">3. I have read where it may be desirable to connect a Leslie to
    the A100 using the Pre-Amp out G-G connections instead of the main speaker out
    connection (to avoid a bass boost and to sound more like the classic B-3 w/
    Leslie).<span style=""> </span>Can I use a #26-1 Connector
    box to do this?<span style=""> </span>Would the box I have
    need to be altered to do this?<span style=""> </span>I
    understand that I must change the Load Resistor setting on the Leslie to Off
    when connecting to the Leslie with the pre-amp out signal.<span style=""> </span>Is this correct?<span style=""> </span>Is there more to this? </p>

    <p class="MsoNormal">4. The reverb (A035 Reverb Amp / Necklace Reverb) does not work
    on the A100.<span style=""> </span>When I turn it all the up
    (clockwise) it starts to feedback.<span style=""> </span>I’ve
    swapped out some of the tubes and they are good.<span style=""> </span>Can I replace the necklace reverb with the newer rectangular tank
    reverb?<span style=""> </span>Or does this also require
    changing to the A044 Reverb Amp?<span style=""> </span></p>

    <p class="MsoNormal"><span style=""> </span></p>

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    Re: Questions on my A100 and 247


    I think you have enough hardware to make the rig complete with the kit you have. The tech should be able to wire it or rewire it as the case may be. As long as you have an outlet box of some type for the leslie cable to plug into and the half moons all should be well.</P>

    I would recomend connecting to the GG outputs (one GG and one ground) for you rig. The power anps in A100 roll of a lot of high end and your rig will sound just like a B3, C3, RT3 etc. if you use the GGs. Yes, no load resistor in this setup.</P>

    The necklace and tank type reverbs use differect amps as the to type of springs have different resistance and impeadence. I'v never tried that swap (necklace to tank) but I think the amps would need to be swapped also. Tank type is an AO-35 I think. To get reverb out of the A100 the main power amp must be opperating. The reverb gets its signal from the main speaker outputs. You could have reverb in the main and ensemble switch positions but in echo the mains would be switched off not sending a signal to the reverb amp. The best way to get reverb on demand from an A100 is to use a two channel Leslie like the 251. It has a stationary channel for reverb so anytime the leslie is be used you can get reverb from the stationary speakers. The rotory channel is 147 all the way. This speaker would connect with a 53-1 kit and sound a little darker than a true 147 setup as it must be connected to the main and reverb amp for signal. </P>

    Hope this helps,</P>



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      Re: Questions on my A100 and 247

      Hi and thanks for the reply -</p>

      The reverb was stuck in the locked position. Some WD-40 fixed it and it sounds great. My A100 has the AO-35 amp and the necklace reverb. </p>

      The tech wired the connector box / 247 to the speaker outs of the main power amp. I have reverb from the A100 reverb amp all the time controlled by the pot on the console. No reverb in the Leslie. </p>

      I am happy now. I may look at wiring to the G-G connection eventually.</p>

      Cheers, Jeff