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Naptha flush - how long until fumes dissipate?

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    Naptha flush - how long until fumes dissipate?

    I'm in the planning stages of doing a naptha flush on my T202.
    The organ resides in my studio which is a separate isolated room under my main roof. There is no access from within the house, i.e. no air pathways to the residential area. The room has no operable windows either.
    I don't really have the option to move my T outdoors for the flush. Also it's the middle of winter here and I don't have any sheltered open-air spaces at home.
    I'm planning on starting in the morning, leaving my studio door wide open and maybe a fan running to circulate fresh air into the room, but all other electrical equipment and lights will be isolated (the studio is on its own circuit breaker at the main board for the house). I actually have a power kill switch just inside the door, so I can kill everything when exiting the room (heard too many horror stories about people leaving valve amps and Hammonds/Leslies on for days or weeks between studio sessions).

    How long do the naptha fumes take to dissipate, assuming reasonable airflow via the door?
    I will have to lock the studio at night (obviously to prevent theft, but it's also the middle of winter, and I live in the hills where there is plenty of nocturnal wildlife which would quickly make a mess of my studio - I frequently have koalas, possums, bats, snakes and lizards roaming my yard!).
    So unfortunately I can't leave the door open or any windows open for days at a time.
    Any suggestions are welcome.

    1971 T-202 with Carsten Meyer mods: Remove key click filters, single-trigger percussion, UM 16' drawbar volume correction. Lower Manual bass foldback.
    Korg CX3 (original 1980's analogue model).
    1967 Leslie 122 with custom inbuilt preamp on back panel for 1/4" line-level inputs, bass & treble controls. Horn diffusers intact.
    2009 Marshall 2061x HW Plexi head into Marshall 4x12 cabinet.

    1964 C3
    196x M-102
    197x X5
    197x Leslie 825

    While it's always good to be safe and concerned about a fire w/ any solvents, I think you may be a little overly concerned. I did the flush on my B3 about 2 months or so ago and did it in the warm month here is Florida w/ the doors closed and A.C. on. I made sure the organ was not on nor did I turn it on until the next day. The fumes were not all that bad. If you can leave a door open while you do this, that would be a good thing for air flow. Naphtha evaporates very quickly so the liquid is not pooling for very long on the material you use to soak it up. The odor will be in the air for a while but for me it was not bothersome. Just follow the guidlines outlined on the forum and you will have a quiet TWG. Good luck.