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volume loss with vibrato on

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  • volume loss with vibrato on

    I'm at my wits end. For about a year now whenever I select vibrato on, that manual falls to about 80 % of its volume level. I've replace both 6AUG tubes, and the 12BH7 .
    I've cleaned out the vibrato rotary switch mechanism and sprayed it with Dioxit. I've taken apart the scanner - but not completely as it looked pristine, and I was able to reach my retired B3 tech who told me that he had rebuilt it 4 years ago when he put the organ together for me (it's a '58 B3 in a B2 case - it's the best sounding B I've ever played and I've been playing them since 1968). I had an electronics guy come by and test out the preamp circuitry and he told me that it matched up with the schematics. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanks for any help you can give. I'm not good with this web based communication stuff - in fact its taken me a week to figure out how to post this this message, and I'm not sure how I finally got that "+new topic" button to appear - so I'll put my email address here. [email protected]. I'm a piano technician by trade ( and a very good one), but I'm a B3 jockey at heart and have been since '68. Any help would be most appreciated. ..........John Bianchi
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