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XTP rotating speaker

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  • XTP rotating speaker

    I had a problem with a very quiet "Leslie" and loud volume when tremelo chorus was turned on. Replacing the 100mfd capacitor in the crossover took care of those problems. Now the rotating "Leslie" is silent unless the tremolo is turned on. So, if the organ is operated with the tremolo off, there is no sound whatsoever through the "Leslie" - only through the left speakers. Is this normal? Prior to replacing the crossover cap, there was sound through both.
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    It's been yonks since my T500 had all its original labelling... but if I recall aright the "tremelo" switch was actually the leslie channel on/off... as opposed to the Vibrato tab... so it sounds like you've got it working right now.
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      There should be sound through the straight speaker at all times. With the Leslie (or tremolo) switch off, all sound will come through the straight speaker, with nothing at all through the rotary unit. With the Leslie switch on, bass and low frequencies should still come through the straight speaker, only the higher frequencies will go through the rotary unit.

      So it does sound like it's OK.
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        Thanks so much for the prompt replies! It is good to know that it is operating as it was engineered to operate.