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Loud motor/generator? And pitch problems

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  • Loud motor/generator? And pitch problems

    Hello friends!
    I just acquired an Hammond H Series. When I start the organ it has a loud motor that never stops. I was thinking it was the tonewheel generator. The other thing that really worries me is that there are random pitches on keys, like for instance, maybe a F#3 key will produce a C#1 note. Also, the organ does not hold pitch, it fluctuates. I was thinking this was a power problem but not sure. The pitch issues also happen with another Hammond I own. Does anyone know what could be the problem?

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    Immediate thoughts? That 'motor' could be the scanner - noisy TWGs usually squeal. Whatever the cause, oil them both NOW! Random pitches? I'l let someone else think about that, as I've never come across it. Fluctuating pitch on both organs? Change the run capacitors on both organs and do that NOW as well, before they go bang.
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      Thank you AndyG. Any other thoughts from anyone?


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        Agree with AndyG - change those motor run caps IMMEDIATELY - they are filled with carcinogenic PCB oil and paper, when they explode they will send toxic oil, burnt paper and smoke everywhere.
        Replacement capacitors are only a few dollars.
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