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1962 C3 and Leslie 147RV

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  • 1962 C3 and Leslie 147RV

    Hi, I recently purchased a 1962 C3 with PR40 tone cabinet, both in excellent working condition (once I oiled the TG). I was wondering about connecting my Leslie 147RV to it to be used in addition to the tone cabinet. I've been studying this article: Connecting 147 Type Leslies To Older Hammond Console Organs. What I'm not clear about is how to add the 6-pin Leslie connector - can I just add a 6-pin connector to the outlet box in the organ and run a second set of wires to it (including a switch) from the organ's preamp?


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    Your C3 most likely has a 5 pin socket for the PR-40. That is not a guarantee, but the most likely possibility.

    You will most certainly want to add a second socket, 6 pin, for the 147.

    As for "is that all I need" that depends on whether you want to keep using the PR-40, and if so, whether you want to have Main-Ensemble-Echo switching for it. If so, you will need a kit. I don't think Leslie ever sold a kit intended for a balanced console (like the B-3 or C-3) with M-E-E switching for a 5H and 6W hookup. There are many ways to make your own sort of M-E-E switch array with a few resistors. I'd have to go digging through my notes to provide a recommendation here.


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      I couldn't find my notes I was talking about earlier, but this post may help you out, if you are interested in M-E-E switching between the two.

      The problem you'll have is that one, or both cabinets will hum if their signal lines are left disconnected. This would solve the problem, most likely.


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        Thanks so much for the info! I don't know that I necessarily need an M-E-E switch right now. Yes my C3 has the 5 pin PR-40 socket. Would it be as simple as having either the PR-40 or Leslie connected to their respective sockets, or both if wanted? I'd just like to use either separately or both and be able to change speeds on the Leslie. Thanks again.