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Looking for a repairer St Albans Herts UK ?

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  • Looking for a repairer St Albans Herts UK ?

    Hi All,
    I am looking for a repairer in Hertfordshire (St Albans) or thereabouts. I have two organs, an A100 and a M100. I have quite a few valves, parts too. The A100 was working but about a year ago, it started producing toy sounds (like a toy organ) instead of its full tones, I had sent the reverb away fro a repair, which is complete but this has to installed again.
    I also have a M100 here. I thought this would sound like a whiter shade of pale, but it's far short of this, the reverb is faulty here too. I have not touched this organ and it is in good original condition. I think it might need foldback fitted?
    Anyways, at the very least I would like my A100 running and serviced, at a push I could cannabilise the M100, temporarily if a part is required. I am willing to pay travel costs and any fees.

    Anyone know of a suitable person?
    I am now an organ grinder's monkey - all other pursuits are cast aside. :-B See my new outfit in the pic

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    Hi there. Hammond techs in the UK are a bit thin on the ground these days. But you can try Mr Wiseman up in Northampton. You will have to take your A100 to him though.

    Don't cannibalise the M100 - in fact, many opinions on this forum would concur as we're very much into keeping as many machines going as possible in their original form. Your desire for the Whiter Shade sound is achievable using a Leslie 145 or similar and an 8888 UM registration. Adding foldback won't make that much diff'. if your M100 is fully working you will get this sound easily. But the Leslie is kinda key in getting that full sound and the trem on the choruses. The built-in speakers are a nice sound, but won't deliver *that* sound. It's prob worth getting this organ up to Mr Wiseman too.



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      Thanks for the reply. I have found a Hammond tech, coming in 3 weeks. I really do not want to cannabalise the M100 I will only do this if there is no other way. My M100 souinds plain, it really is not on the same planet as the A100. I have been told there are ways of beefing up the sound, incuding foldback, but I don't have details. It seems to me there will have to be radical changes in the sound, at present it sounds like the "other" hammonds which you can get for pennies, worthless sonically. It is a M100 though.
      Any insights?
      I am now an organ grinder's monkey - all other pursuits are cast aside. :-B See my new outfit in the pic