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M3 - Drawbar Issue: First 2 DB on Lower Manual play on their own ...

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  • M3 - Drawbar Issue: First 2 DB on Lower Manual play on their own ...

    Hi everyone ... it's been a while since I visited this forum (have been enjoying my restoration of two A100's).

    Maybe someone can help me with this, or point me in the right direction.
    I have taken possession of an old Hammond M3 - the guy just wanted to get rid of it (sacrilege !). I have an issue where the first two drawbars on the lower manual are playing on their own, i.e. when I pull out either drawbar, a single tone gets louder the more I pull the drawbar out. When either drawbar is in, no tone is heard. As far as I can make out, this self-playing tone is the equivalent of the topmost key on the upper manual when the first drawbar there is out.

    Where could the problem lie ? Any help anyone ? Much obliged and thanks.

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    Stuck contact.
    About all it could be.
    Looking at some internal surgery, if you can't pop it loose by rapid striking.


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      Hi tiredoldgeezer (that makes two of us :-> )

      By "internal surgery" do you mean within the drawbar assembly or within the "9-contact per key" area ? Thx.


      • enor
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        The latter.

      • SONARtist
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        Thanks enor. I was dreading this answer ...