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Hammond Model 8014M ( that is what is on the organ)

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    Hammond Model 8014M ( that is what is on the organ)

    I was searching on line to try and find some info on this is a solid state with a built in rythym machine and Leslie feature.....the organ runs at top volume so it appears that the blub in the expression pedal is burnt out....however, I can't find any info anywhere on this organ or the bulb specs anywhere.....maybe somebody here can help me out.....

    I’d suggest removing the bulb from the socket.

    If the bulb has a metal base check for a number stamped or imprinted on the base,

    Or, if the bulb is a glass wedge base, look for a number imprinted on the glass.

    If there is no number showing on the bulb, then measure the voltage at the socket with a multi- meter.
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