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Hammond organ h-100 vs hammond h-382 tone generators

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    Hammond organ h-100 vs hammond h-382 tone generators

    The h-100 has a totally different tone wheel generator then the h-382 , the h-382 has a dual scanners vs the h-100 all in one scanner . Is one better then the other ? Can they be interchanged ?

    The h-100 ( actually an h-182 ) has a nicer looking cabinet and in better cosmetic condition then the h-382 , i am considering swapping tone wheel generators by putting the dual scanner version in the h-100 ( h-182 ) .
    Is this ok to do ? Will there be compatabelety issues ?
    What do you folks think ?

    I think my H100 has factory dual scanners...
    Tom in Tulsa

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      The H1xx had 2 box like scanners (vib and celeste) mounted on the TWG. I believe the H3xx has 2 separate drum scanners driven by a separate motor. This was also offered as a retrofit to the H1xx series. I also recall that the box scanners had 32 poles while the drum was something else (28?),



        the question for me is if one version is better then the other , re regular all in one scanner of the h-100 or the dual scanner version of the h-382 . and are they interchangeable .


          All the H series, H1xx, H2xx, H3xx had the very same tone generators. They all had 2 scanners; there was no all in one scanner.
          The 100 series came with square scanners, I cannot verify whether all of them were this way. I believe that the inside of the cabinets were different in that the 200 and 300 series were actually wider to accommodate the drum scanners that were mounted on the TG. If you have both a 100 and 300 series cabinet there, you can verify this.

          Scanner configuration can be one of the following:

          1-Square scanners. There is one on either end of the TG, the one on the right is direct drive by the TG shaft, the one on the left is belt driven.

          2-Square scanner only on the right, or both scanners plus a round scanner under the TG shelf. This is a field retrofit that replaced the square scanners with the round ones. Since the square scanner on the right was so hard to get to, it was usually disconnected and left in place. The scanner on the left may or may not be there, it depended on how lazy the Tech was. It would have been disconnected, however. The round scanners under the shelf were driven by an independent motor.

          3-Round scanners on the left. These were driven by 2 belts by the TG shaft.

          As to better or worse...I do not know why the square scanners were discontinued. I do not know if they were problematic or not, but I do know that they were incredibly complex and must have cost a lot to fabricate. The round ones were pretty cheaply assembled. Remember that the H series were at the end of life for the Hammond Company, so they would look at everything they could to reduce costs.
          Personally, I cannot tell the difference in sound between the two...maybe someone with a trained ear can, but I cannot.
          The wire harness looks different between the two, so they may not be interchangeable directly without some wiring issues or perhaps a factory supplied harness interface. It obviously can be done, since the square ones were replaced with round ones in the field.

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            yes bob the h-100 has 2 square type scanners , one on each end , as for connections they are the same . the only difference is the plug coming from the foot pedal harness that connects to the stop tab panel which on the h-100 has 8 pins and on the h-382 has 10 pins , the 2 extra pins are bare wires that connect to each other on the stop panel board and go no where , i think they are for ground or hum issues .
            i checked the mounting holes and they match perfectly so any one of them can be inserted in any of the models .
            i guess now its a matter of if its worth doing or not .