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Posture question..

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  • Posture question..

    Hello Guys,</P>

    The Hammondbench of my M103 is muchtaller than my Yamaha Piano bench. Is there a reason for it to be around 4 inches taller ?</P>

    My feet dangles when I sit squarely on the Hammond bench. So what is the correct sitting posture to play the Organ ?? </P>

    For Piano playing the heel has to touch thefloor when you pedal. Is there any such rule for Organ playing. I have the Hammond M-100 series Spinet Organ manual and it does not cover this subject.</P>

    Yes, I am a short guy and do not have long legs!![:'(]</P>

    Thanks... J</P>

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    Re: Posture question..


    I don't play Hammonds much, but I do play the organ. Organ benches are always taller than piano benches. This is so that the leg (or legs in the case of a full set a pedals) can swing freely to play the pedals. The keyboards on the organ are also a little higher than a piano keyboard because of the pedals. If you play from a lower position, you will be reaching up to play the keys.</p>

    Generally, when I play a spinet organ (12 or 13 pedals), I play with my right foot on the expression pedal and my left foot is playing the bass notes on the pedalboard. If you do not play the pedals, my suggestion would be to get a small, short stool to rest your left foot on. If you do play the pedals and cannot reach them, you may be sitting too far back on the bench. I suggest sitting a little closer to the edge of the bench so that you thighs can slope downward toward the pedals (and the floor).</p>

    I don't think that you are too short to play the organ comfortably. The lady that taught me to play was about 4 foot 8 inches tall. She had no problems playing on a spinet organ or console organ (full pedalboard).</p>

    I hope this helps.

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      Re: Posture question..

      Thank you Allen.</P>