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Hooking up a Leslie 125 to a L100PNS/Porta-B

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  • Hooking up a Leslie 125 to a L100PNS/Porta-B

    Hi folks, I’ve some questions about combining a L100PNS Porta B with a Leslie 125. I bought them separately for almost nothing and both were in deplorable condition. The L100PNS is European and 230V. I managed to get it in perfect working condition. The Leslie 125 is American 110V with a original built in step down Xformer to make it accept 230V. It has the 125-20 connectionbox with the relay in it. This one I also managed to get in excellent condition.
    When I connect the Leslie to my 230V European A100 it works great (although it sounds less good of course than my Leslie 145), BUT: the relay gets fairly warm when playing a long time in chorale speed which I do often.

    So question 1: could the relay coil (that gets it’s 230V power from the A100) still be 110V? And is that harmful? And if so, what should I do? Resistor in series?

    Now the L100PNS: it’s post ‘71 because it has the toggle switches and no 16’ bass to lower switch (I did the left hand bass foldback mod on the lower keyboard). But someone has been messing around in the bottom part because it has 2 6 pin Leslie connectors that appear to be wired for a Leslie 122. (Very messy wiring). I want to rewire this connectors to accept the Leslie 125 speaker. I know how to do that. No problem, but:

    Question 2: would it be safe to use the fast/slow switch on the L100PNS panel to switch the 230V voltage for the 125 relay?

    Thanks very much, every advice would be much appreciated!
    Joost Overmars
    Music teacher, arranger, conductor, author of textbooks for music education, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    A100 & Leslie 145, Nord Electro 5D 73 , XK1 & Leslie 1201Mk2
    Vintage Vibe Piano 73A, 1973 Clavinet D6

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    Leslie 125 : The relay is 110V AC (open frame).
    It can not work properly in 230V AC
    You can put a resistor in series to find 110V AC at its terminals.
    As it is AC , it is not possible to calculate it simply.
    You must have to proceed by try and retry resistor values.
    But, the best is to replace the relay with a 230V model easy to find : Finder, Omron.....

    The wiring if the basement of the L100P is another problem.
    This is often a mess nest.
    THe best is to rewire all according to your needs.

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      Exemple:hooking up a Finder relay in a '122