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New member - Hammond customisation?

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  • New member - Hammond customisation?

    Hello my name is Leo - I am a new member here.</p>

    I was at a concert of the James Taylor Quartet when I noticed that the Hammond organ used there was rebuilt and not in original casing. </p>

    I own a Hammond E300 organ, no show winner but it does the job, and i was wondering if anyone knew how to "simplify it" - as i sometimes do concerts with my band and transport is rather an issue! I was thinking of something like replacing the amplifier with an external one, taking out the speakers and putting an open case (like the B3) so that the pedals would be visible? This is just an idea as I am very ignorant when it comes to the exact inner witchcraft of a Hammond organ - however any help on the matter would be most appreciated. </p>

    Many thanks, </p>

    Leo </p>

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    Re: New member - Hammond customisation?

    What you're suggesting is nothing that hasn't been done to a Hammond a thousand times before. The term for this is a 'chop', so you'll end up with a 'chopped E'. I've not heard of it being done to an E before but there's no real reason why not. It's normally the A100's and the spinets that get the treatment.</P>

    Do a bit of a search for 'chop' and see what you come up with. You're going to need to be pretty handy with your electrical and carpentry skills, or have someone to help where needed. You might also pop a post on the Hammondzone Yahoo group to see what help they can give.</P>

    Best of luck with the chop and I'm sure that this forum's choppers will soon be out to help you. (Am I allowed to say that? [;)])</P>

    Andy G</P>
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      Re: New member - Hammond customisation?

      Thanks Andy;</p>

      Do you (or anyone for that matter) know if, internally, the E series organs were that different from other organs that have been "chopped"?</p>

       Thanks, </p>

      Leo </p>