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Yay! Organ started! That's the good news...

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  • Yay! Organ started! That's the good news...

    Hi all;</p>

    Thank you for all your help. Late last night, long after everyone sane in the house had gone to bed, I tried to fire it up again. That time it worked once, then not again. Long story short, though, it now seems to be consistently starting up. I suspect that, yes, it just needed more time for the oil to set in. So far, so good.</p>

    Now, however, I'm not getting any sound at all. The TG is definitely engaged, and the tubes are warming up, but there's no sound. Do you think it could be a case of needing to clean the tube sockets with contact cleaner? I tried lots of different drawbar and rocker switch combinations, pedal drawbar in and out, both manuals and the pedals, and there's simply no sound. I can hear a very faint hum from the amp--nothing that sounds obnoxious or unexpected from a tube amp--but no sound coming from the speaker.</p>

    The darn thing had been unplugged for almost 20 years; do I need to leave it plugged in and/or turned on for a certain length of time for it to "charge up" capacitors or something? I've never known that with tube guitar amps, but, there again, how often do you run across a 50 year old guitar amp...</p>

    Any "first line of defense" suggestions? I appreciate everyone's help.</p>


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    Re: Yay! Organ started! That's the good news...

    connect an external amp to "D" terminal


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      Re: Yay! Organ started! That's the good news...


      I always enjoy reading your posts; I check up on this thing a few times a day to see if there's something new I can learn! </p>

      Alright--you've caught me in my ignorance. Please tell me: what and where is the "D terminal"? And what would I learn from connecting an external amp to it? </p>

      Thanks for your help...


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        Re: Yay! Organ started! That's the good news...

        It is shielded in a metal box - the larger one.</p>

        You should get sound from there.</p>


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          Re: Yay! Organ started! That's the good news...

          Is this the same thing as the infamous "auxiliary in" RCA jack that I read so much about on the forum? The one that, in addition to being a sort of input, is also a sort of output? Or do I have to take something apart to access things more directly?</p>

          I've done guitar tech work for a long time, but this is the first time I've really dived into something more electronic--the simpler the directions, therefore, the better!</p>

          Please let me know when you have a second. If it turns out that there is sound from there, as you said, then what would that indicate? How would I get the organ to work the way it was supposed to, in other words? I really appreciate the help; hopefully, I'll be all the way into home plate soon...</p>



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            UPDATE: Yay! Organ started! That's the good news...

            Hi to JonC3 and all;</p>

            Hey--new development. I was out giving it one more try, and, for a few glorious moments, I had sound! But why did it stop? That's the thing I have to figure out...</p>

            I'd taken those "metal jackets" off of three of the tubes, just checking that they were tight. When I powered up, I heard this wonderful, low "Hummmm" coming out of the speaker, and, sure enough, it worked! And then, suddenly, the volume dived off a cliff and it died, just like that. I'd checked all the tubes for tightness, and they seem fine, though I'm no expert.</p>

            I'm going to clean the tube sockets and see if that helps. Please let me know if there are any other suggestions. I'll keep you posted...</p>



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              Re: UPDATE: Yay! Organ started! That's the good news...

              yes, it is an input and an output</p>

              no, it's just a terminal with wire soldered.</p>

              something must short the signal to ground</p>

              also replace the C14 cap</p>