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first time h100 owner, how to restore?

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  • first time h100 owner, how to restore?

    First time ownerof an H-112 (free off craigslist), and I was wondering if anybody had some advice on how to go about restoring it.</P>

    So far I have oiled it, and it runs but something just doesn't sound as "sweet" as I would like. I'm guessing it needs new capacitors, but I have no idea of where to start, or which to replace or which not to. Also, without a service manual I don't know what would be the correct capacitance.</P>

    There is also a loud crackling noise that comes and goes intermittantly when I am using it, sometimes sounding like thunder, and the noise is almost as loud as me playing the organ. Itchanges in volume as I change the swell pedal, which makes me suspect its before the amplifier in the signal chain.</P>

    Some keys obviously have dirty contacts. The search function on here and other websites can help me with that since its a common fix, I won't need answers to that.</P>

    Other than that everything seems pretty solid.</P>

    If anybody on here has any info on hooking one up to a leslie, that would be cool too, but thats an "eventually" sort of project with restoration of the organ itself at a higher priority.</P>


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    Re: first time h100 owner, how to restore?

    The search functions should bring up plenty of useful info for you, and I guess you've already found the Hammondzone Yahoo group. If not, then do!</P>

    First, get the service manual, you're going to need it. There are links on various threads for this. Power supply capacitors are always worth replacing on an organ of this age. There's a saying in these parts that you don't buy one H, you buy two and cannibalise one to make the other perfect. It's not a bad idea, as the H isn't Mr Hammond's most reliable instrument. (It can be, however, one of the best sounding, IMHO!)</P>

    I'd pull every tube and clean the sockets with De-Oxit for starters and see what improvement that makes.</P>

    As for a leslie, Hammond deliberately made it tricky to add one, but the Leslie company sorted that out within days of its release, the story goes. You'll want a 122 ideally, and that means $$$. Details of connector kits are widely available, though the parts themselves can be pricey.</P>

    Best of luck and let us know how it goes.</P>

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      Re: first time h100 owner, how to restore?

      Congratulations on your "new" instrument. I hope it will provide you with many years of enjoyment.
      As far as the "sound" of your H, this can be a rather personal will not replicate the classic "B-3" sound that you may have in your mind...the H sounds like an H. There are ways to alter the electrical system to change the H's character; look on HammondWiki...there is an article that concerns just this.
      Personally, I rather like the sound of my H.</P>

      Go to this website...there is a lot of good info here, including TSB's for your organ;</P>

      Recapping is a good idea...the electrolytics are prone to drying out over the years. I advise getting a service manual before you do anything, though.
      There is a TSB for that crackling noise...I was able to fix it on my H-395 by spraying the tube sockets with De Oxit...the 7199 tubes in particular. There are also caps that can cause this...again it is in the TSB.</P>

      If you have the desire to see what the insides of your H looks like, visit my Flickr site...
      The site is a work in progress, I add pictures as Irebuild.</P>

      I also have several H's in the shop...if you have need for any parts, please feel free to ask, as I might have what you need, I am always happy to donate to the cause of keeping the Hammond sound alive.</P>
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        Re: first time h100 owner, how to restore?

        Great, thanks for the replies.Those are some good starting points, and I'm ordering a service manual.