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Hammond hit by lightning

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  • Hammond hit by lightning

    I have a Hammond Organ L-102. It was hit by lightning which went in through the cord to the amp. It fried the 5U4BG tube, some wiring, and a couple of the little transistors around that tube. I made the mistake of repairing the wiring and replacing the 5U4 tube and plugging it in. Of course, the tube blew out immediately. So I would like to know how to go about checking the little diodes in that amp without making this same mistake again. Do I take the amp to someone to check out or is there some kind of tube tester that I can use? </P>

    Thanks for any help that I can get. </P>

    Johnny Jones. </P>

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    Re: Hammond hit by lightning

    There may be some here who'd be adventurous enough to walk you through a number of possibilities, but I'd call a profesional.</P>

    Lightning is BIG electricity - even bigger (prolly) than the high voltage insidea Hammondamp...Someone who knows these things would know where to look for problems.</P>
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      Re: Hammond hit by lightning

      According to the schematic, the only transistor in the L100 is in the percussion amplifier. You most be thinking of resistors which are much more common, but they are integral in the role of voltage regulation in the rectifier. They need to be replaced with resistors of the same or very similarvalue.


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        Re: Hammond hit by lightning

        Just athought. Check your home contents insurance, if it covered the organ in question. Many policies do cover lightning strikes and will pay out for repairs or replacement. Some do 'new for old' cover, which means that one lucky guy got his 1966 Lowrey Holiday replaced with a 1991 version.</P>

        In your case, it might just get you a fully working L or at least pay for the (quite considerable) tech's bill for a rebuild.</P>

        Check the paperwork - you never know what you'll find!</P>

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