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Hammond XLK3 - lack of bass.

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  • Hammond XLK3 - lack of bass.

    I am new to the forum. Hello. My xlk-3 was bought later to use with my xk-3c. I connected it as the manual suggests. I do not have bass pedals or foot swell. Only a 145 Leslie. The low bass end on the xlk-3 is no way the same as the deep xk-3c bass. Can l adjust this or is that it? I am a home player only. I have played Hammond’s since ‘68 and though the xk system is good , l have trouble understanding the control panel and midi language.

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    Other than Percussion the two manuals should sound the same. Make sure MIDI In (Pg. 96 #2) is set for Lower/Pedal and the lower manual is connected to MIDI In 2. If it is connected to In 1 the XK-3c will think it is the pedals and only the 2 pedal drawbars will affect the sound. Selecting The Seq. Record Template (Pg. 96 #1 & Pg. 109) will set a number of parameters in the manner that should get your XK-System to function properly. All of the parameters in the Template can be set individually to meet your specific needs.

    Also, you might turn Preset Load - Link Lower/Pedal (Pg. 59 & 58 #2) off.

    Good luck.

    If it still sounds different, check the Internal Zone - Lower Keyboard settings (Pg. 92 #8 and possibly 6 & 7. The lower manual may have been octave shifted at some point. These are preset parameters so if you have to change them you will need to save the preset afterward.

    Continued good luck.

    One more edit:
    The MIDI Templates just set a group of individual parameters to settings for a specific purpose. Each parameter can be set on its own without affecting the others. This is similar to pressing the Defrost button in a car for example. That button may direct the air to vents blowing directly at the windshield, turn on the A/C and increase the fan speed. All three actions can be done individually but the Defrost button gets it done quickly and simply.
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      Many many thanks for this JJMcS. l am new to the forum and lost my original post. I will sit and check all these things and reply. Cheers.


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        Great. Many thanks. I did not have to do all that you recommended - a bit frightening in my old age, but managed it after just.....
        1. Midi In set for lower/pedal..... 1, 2, 2.
        2. Preset Load - off. Now sounds brilliant from the 145’s 15” speaker. I will venture further later to try and come to terms with these detailed adjustments.


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          I don't have an XK3 personally but Keith Appleton has some great videos on editing an XK3 on YouTube.