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Hammond 926 organ -- issue

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    Hammond 926 organ -- issue

    I have a Hammond 926 organ that I am using at my church.

    All of the drawbars are working great -- no issues.

    Just recently, when I try to use the classical stops -- Swell, Great, Pedal -- the stops work but when I turn on a stop for the Swell it also puts that stop on the Great -- and vice versa with the Great and the Pedal. It is acting like everything is coupled together on all manuals and pedal. Any ideas on what I could check in to? I am thinking of doing a factory reset and seeing if that fixed these issues.

    I know a great organ repair/service man -- but I am trying to hold off on making that call if I can.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Rodgers W5000 --- home (currently at church)
    Rodgers MX200 module --- home (currently at church)
    Kawai UST7 studio piano --- home