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b3 to 147

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  • b3 to 147

    i just got a hammond b3 and a leslie 147 tone cabinet. i however have no method of connecting the b3 to the 147. what connector kit should i use

    edit: for now i'd just want to know how to use the 147 with the b3, forgetting the tone cabinet for a while, preferably a cheap diy solution.
    edit 2: i took out the part about the hr-40 because it was being interpreted that i needed both connected simultaneously, which is not the case

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    Re: b3 to 147

    Normallya B3 and a 147would be easy but the tone cab (HR40?)is a balanced input unit and the Leslie is open ended. To my knowledge there is no kit to do this unless you want to keep the tone cab on all the tine. MEE switching is a tough one. I'm working on the same issue (MEE switching) with my RT3. It will be a custom install when completed. Right now I run my rig in the ensemble or echo mode. I need to figure how to ground the inputs of the tone cab and/or the Leslie when they are disconnected by the MEE switch for correct opperation.</P>

    If you find something commercially available let me know. I'd be interested myself.</P>



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      Re: b3 to 147

      Hmm, it is a poser because of the Hammond cab. A post over at the Hammondzone Yahoo group might get a response from Harvey Olsen. If anyone will know, he will.</P>

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        Re: b3 to 147

        ...Yeah, I've been wondering about this too. My "new" C3 came with a PR20 (5-to-6 pin) and my two leslies are 147 types, so I have the same problem. I'd like to do an M-E-E setup with the PR20 in the loop so I can keep the reverb (I dig reverb!). But I'm with you H101: the balanced-unbalanced thing seems like a stumper. I had a CV that the previous owner had hooked to a 145 (long story, jerry rigged)... he had tied the two G outputs together at the preamp to yield an unbalanced signal to the 145. So that solves part of the problem... but again, a Hammond tone cab in the equation would need the G-G to stay separate.[*-)] I'm trying to resist the conclusion that the cheapest solution would be to just buy a 122 amp and swap it out in one of the Leslies, depending on which Hammond I want to hook it up to!(lol) TD
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          Re: b3 to 147

          I have no experience with the 147, but am wondering why you couldn't use a 1:1.1 isolating transformer, such as the ones in the old 122 connector kits, to isolate the 147 from the console and the HR-40. Wire the console to the M-E-E switch, the HR-40 to the M output, the isolating transformer to the E output, and the 147 to the other winding of the transformer, grounding one end instead of the center tap since the switching is separate.</P>

          IOW, wire it upvery similarly to howyou'd wire an HR-40 and a 122 to an M-E-E switch. I can't think of a reason that shouldn't work.</P>
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