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Connector kit to 1/4 line out l100?

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  • Connector kit to 1/4 line out l100?

    Hi guys. I’ve recently acquired an l-112 . Great organ but a little dry without the Leslie . And though I don’t have a Leslie and likely won’t acquire one . I have a rotary sim pedal that does what it needs to do . However the organ it’s self has a connector kit . Is it possible to turn this 6 pin jack into 1/4? I’ve attached some photos of the schematics and that kit . And FYI .. I’ve tried the phono jack . Looking for something more stable

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    You have 2 options. Remove the kit and use something like the M3 out with speaker cut or connect a line out to the 6 pin leslie plug pins 1 & 2. The line out would use the same components, just no switch and speaker load resistor.
    jim Click image for larger version

Name:	M3 Line out with Speaker cut.bmp
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      Thanks so much for your reply . For further clarification. In the above photo I posted pins one and two are the red and yellow immediately after the “nub”


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        this might work for you.

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          From the photo -
          Pin 1 - yellow
          Pin2 - green/white
          Pin 5 - Blue
          Pin 6 - Red



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            You could also just get a trek ii (obl-2-sl). It’s a bit pricey but it works like a charm. Or make your own version if you’re so inclined. I think the basic idea is on the Hammond wiki. If not, search this forum. I’ve seen it recently but I didn’t save it as I just went for the trek myself. Tonewheel general can sell you one at a good price if you’re ordering anything else from them.
            ive read that some people use the rca bit to put effects through. Not sure if it works well.
            you could just resell that Leslie connector or leave it for some time later when you might have a Leslie.
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              Post #2 has the best option for you. Simple and cheap circuit that works like a charm.
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