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None of the keys on my M-111 seem to work

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  • None of the keys on my M-111 seem to work

    Hello! I'm new to organ repair and recently bought a Hammond M-111 that's in pretty rough condition. The only sound I can get out of it is from the main pedal, which controls the volume of the one tone it puts out. Some of the tabs seem to work too such as the harmonics, but it's hard to tell what works without being able to use the keys. Any help figuring out what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated!

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    Do you know how to properly start the organ, and is the tone generator running?
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      I've heard I should turn on the start motor for about 8 seconds and then flip on the run motor. From what I can see, the start motor turns on and spins but stops after a couple seconds, and the tone wheel isn't moving.


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        Turn on Start and hold for 8 seconds while the motor spins up. Then switch on Run while still holding Start. Hold both for a second and then release Start.

        If the Start motor can't turn the generator, then chances are the generator is stuck. And you're going to need to get some Hammond oil. If the organ is in rough shape, it probably hasn't been oiled in ages.

        The 'Main Pedal' is presumably the expression pedal at the right and even with that pushed fully down there shouldn't be a tone sounding. If it's a low 60Hz tone, that's AC mains hum which you you will need to sort out.

        All of this has been covered (ad infinitum ) on the forum so I'd suggest reading through some of the hundreds of threads, while waiting for our experts to reply!

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          It sounds like the run motor is not working. Flip the Start switch On for 8 to 10 seconds. You should be able to hear the tone generator winding up. Now, while continuing to hold the Start switch On, flip the Run switch On and hold them both for a couple of seconds and then release the Start switch. The generator should continue to spin. If not, then the run motor is likely bad. Although, in some cases the start motor might have enough torque to spin up a generator that's badly in need of oiling, but the run motor does not and once engaged it can easily be bogged down and stop turning. On the other hand, if the start motor is unable to spin up the generator, then it's likely an oil issue. There may be a tube of oil inside the organ. If not it's readily available from websites such as www.tonewheelgeneral.com or www.b3guys.com you can usually find some on Ebay.
          Is the sound you're getting out of the organ a tone or a low hum? The reason I ask is because if the generator isn't spinning, once the amplifier warms up it'll usually put out a low hum.
          You might also want to obtain a service manual for the M111 just in case...
          Hope this helps.
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            More likely could be a bad run switch than a bad motor. This is an uniquely wired switch so be careful if you replace it. Find the AC input to the run motor and see if it has voltage in run position.