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Trying to connect a hammond m-111 to a leslie 700

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  • Trying to connect a hammond m-111 to a leslie 700

    I will start this by saying I'm a novice regarding organs in general. I understand that you need a pin connector to hook up a Leslie speaker to a Hammond organ however how do you hook up said speaker to an organ with already built in speakers. I have recently acquired a Leslie 700 from a garage sale and wanted to find a way to hook it up to my Hammond. Does anybody know how I should go about doing this? Should I get a repairman or someone to help me out? Also I know it is powered through the pin connector going into the organ so how exactly do I power the speaker if its not built to go directly into the Hammond?

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    Here you go; https://www.fishorgans.com/leslie_ki...or_Hammond.pdf Once you have decided which kit is correct, their website also has installation instructions.
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      So what would work with it? I don't see anything for a m100 hammond to a 700 leslie speaker.
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    The first thing you should get is a Trek II crossover:


    It will convert your two channel Leslie into a single channel that works with M100 series. Great product and easy to install. Be aware that it disables the 6x9 speakers in the Leslie cabinet. I did some custom wiring and repurposed those for the reverb channel.

    Also be aware there is no treble horn on the 700 model, so you will have somewhat less than the full Leslie experience. But as they say, some Leslie is better than no Leslie...

    You will also need a 9-pin connector cable and a box. Hopefully the Leslie came with the cable, otherwise you’ll have to buy one new or on eBay. One box that works and is available new is the 9770 connector kit:


    But it is super expensive at over $400. But it will save you a ton of hassle.

    What I did was buy a cheap used 9-pin Leslie connector box from one of the Leslie groups on Facebook plus a used Leslie Control Center switch from eBay and wired it up myself from scratch. I studied the schematics from the Leslie manual and also the connector kits on fishorgans.com and I built a custom wiring diagram. But this takes quite a bit of electrical knowledge. Pins 8&9 on the connector need to be wired to to the AC mains power on the organ (after the run switch). If you are not comfortable with handling AC you should get some help.

    http://www.captain-foldback.com will have the user manuals and service manuals for most Leslies.

    It will often cost way more to get the hookup done properly than the cost of a bargain Leslie. I bought my Leslie 710 for $125 and spent hundreds to get it tuned up and connected. But well worth it!

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      Look up the 9501 kit on that list. It's for a 760, but when you install the Trek II crossover, it will work OK.

      Be aware that as well as having no treble horn, the 700 has the Rotosonic leslie unit. This has a deeper, more theatrical tremolo than the standard leslie drum and also takes ages to change speed. When you've got the 700 working, I'd start looking for the 710!
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