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Bypassing frequency converter

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  • Bypassing frequency converter

    The mailman just brought the frequency converter that I bought from Germany (but imported to Iceland through USA). So now it can be installed in my American M-3. The only problem is that I like the sound of the organ so much when it's playing about a third lower than it's meant to, i.e. without the frequency converter. I haven't heard it playing on the right Hz, I guess it will sound the same although I will loose a third from the lower register and gain some high notes. But then it hit me. Maybe it's possible to add a function so that the new frequency converter could be bypassed when I felt like it. So that when I'm playing solo or with a singer I could have it in the deeper, not quite western standard tune but when with other instruments I could have it in 440. What do you think ?</p>


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    Re: Bypassing frequency converter

    ya know I agree..I love the sound of my RT3 & leslie on 50 hz versus 60 hz....very deep & lush in my opinion.

    I think the tuning issue is only if you are recording or playing with other instruments that are at 440 I hope someone here has an answer so you get the best of both worlds!