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Hammond L-112 Amp in an L-102

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  • Hammond L-112 Amp in an L-102

    Hi there, I’m sorry if this is duplicated in another thread on the site, but does anyone know if an amp from an L-112 can work in a L-102?

    The specs of both organs are the same, but when tried it, it doesn’t work in my L-102. But it does work in the L-112.

    Is there something I need to do so I can get it working?

    Thanks everyone
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    Yes, it will work. The last two digits in the model number refer only to the cabinet style and wood veneer used, the organs are identical. If the amp works in the L112, you've ruled out a problem in the amp. So I'd look at the power supply and distribution of required voltages etc.
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      Which amp are you referring to? There are several in an L1xx organ.
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        All L-series guts are completely interchangeable, except for the Porta-B which is slightly different.
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          Thanks for the responses everyone. Upon a closer look I discovered likely why the L-102 isn’t producing any sound...the tone wheel motor isn’t turning!

          it turns on and the speakers “work” but yeah the motor isn’t working. Does anyone know if it’s a simple fix, or am I potentially in for a lot of headaches at this point?



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            I don't think your in for a lot of 'headaches', but you might need a little patience 8) On some of these organs, if they have been neglected the generator can become stuck simply from lack of lubrication. They can be un-stuck with a little oil, tinkering and patience. The first thing to check- can you turn the motor/generator shaft with your fingers? In a normal working generator the shaft should turn very easily. If the generator turns easily, the problem could be the motor, 'run' capacitor, or associated wiring, but first things first 8)
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              The L motors use a run capacitor-probably toast and about to leak or blow nasty pcb's. Get a new one from Tonewheel General Hospital. It is the rounded silver can near the motor.
              Larry K

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                Ah right!

                Sorry it’s been awhile between posts! But I see the big, silver capacitor you’re talking about.

                I bet that’s exactly what it is. Do you guys know what’s involved in installing a replacement if I were to purchase one?

                But, now that my L-112 is working and the L-102 is not my wife might kill me for taking up space with two Hammonds lol!


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                  If you can change a household light switch, you can change the capacitor. Order from Tonewheel General Hospital website. Old ones are dangerous, filled with pcb chemicals and not to be dismissed as the US reaaction to covid has been.
                  Larry K

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