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  • Hammond B3000 opinions?

    So I recently bought a Hammond B3000 with a matching Leslie HL722 for $1200 and I’ve heard a lot of bad things about these organs and I just wanted to ask everyone what yalls opinion on it is and if y’all have any advice you could give me.

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    Good things: Big, gutsy sound through the HL722. Pedal and manual sustain. Interesting alternative sounds from one set of lower manual drawbars. Mixable preset keys.

    Not so good things: Doesn't sound like a B-3. First generation LSI model so suffers from reliability issues, often caused by bad internal connectors. If you gig it, you'll possibly be doing some maintenance each time you move it. HL722 has a Rotosonic drum rather than a standard leslie drum. It has a heavier throb than the standard drum and also takes much longer to change speed. But this is masked somewhat by the treble horns, which are standard. Some people don't like that, but for me it's just part of the LSI Hammond sound, which I like. I like the tonewheel sound too, but I'm not a purist!

    If it's in good working and cosmetic order, and the leslie is working properly, that's a reasonable price, perhaps a bit high. If you have issues with either, you overpaid.
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