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  • Hammond 820

    Hi, everybody. I’ve been offered a Hammond 820, for less than a $100. Did anyone know anything about this model?. Thank you.

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    That's one of their "hybrid" models -- has the regular Hammond drawbars but also has tabs with pipe organ-ish markings. I believe the 820 would be from the early to mid 80's, so not a digital organ, just a dressed up analog. It has a built-in Leslie speaker for the drawbar tones, and a separate stationary speaker system for the pipe tones. The pedalboard is AGO 32 pedals, fairly good one.

    The price sounds right. Not a great organ, but interesting, and pretty flexible in many ways. Worth picking up, though if it has problems you could be stuck with doing some fixing.
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      It won't get you the "B3 sound", but still a good instrument, and the inbuilt Leslie is half the battle towards sounding passable.
      The Leslie is worth salvaging even if the organ itself is beyond hope.
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        Thank you for the advice. I’m planning to go this weekend to check the organ.