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L-100 Reverb Troubleshooting

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  • L-100 Reverb Troubleshooting

    Hey guys, I am having trouble getting my spring reverb to work on my L-100.
    I'm using the internal speakers which sound good in my opinion.
    Unfortunately whenever I have the Reverb tabs enabled, they no longer produce the Echo effect anymore.
    The Volume Soft & Brilliance tabs are still working.
    I've tried bumping the reverb springs while the organ was powered ON and they were able to produce sound on all 3 combinations of Reverb.
    I've also checked for any microphonic tubes, none of which produced sound.
    All of the tubes seem to be glowing correctly as they should.

    Here's a small list of the stuff I cleaned out
    • Oxidation on All RCA Jacks/Outputs
    • All Tube Pins/Sockets
    • All Control Tab Rods

    Since the problem lies within the main power amplifier, which electrical components should I replace for the reverb to work normally again?

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    I had to troubleshoot the same issue for a forum member back in the summer. In his case the problem related to the electrolytic capacitor in the reverb circuit, C303 according to my notes. I used a modern radial capacitor mounted under the chassis.
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