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Missing F#'s on Hammond X-66 and How to Oil?

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  • Missing F#'s on Hammond X-66 and How to Oil?

    I'm not sure how to ask this properly, but I recently acquired an X-66. When I tested it with the seller all keys worked with all drawbars. When I brought it home, and tested it the next day, all notes still worked. And then, the following day, all of the F#'s were missing. No F#'s on any octave, on any foot pedal, or on any of the drawbars (white or black). I'm sure it's the TG, because it's not key specific, but I'm not sure how I would diagnose – let alone fix – any problem with it.

    I have not oiled the tone generator, because I have no idea how to do so on an X-66. I found the oil cups for the three scanners, but the location of the cup for the TG has me scratching my head. I tried searching on here, but I just can't find any answers on how to oil it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to recover my F#'s, and possibly help me figure out just how to oil the TG? I would be very appreciative.

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    The 12-wheel tone generator is located in the base-where the pedals attach. Look for some screws on the top of the black cover panels. I recall that the rear half removes fairly easily. Once inside, where to oil it should become apparent. This is a self starting motor with a run capacitor (silver can) that has reached the end of its life. Contact Tonewheel General Hospital for an inexpensive replacement. There are several service manuals for this now selling on Ebay-buy one. This is a fine organ that will elicit jealousy from me, Andy G and others here. There is an expert, Dan Vigin, who has extensive knowledge and writings on the restoration of these, on the X-66 Mexico website. Prepare yourself to be patient as there may be some challenges come up from time to time. Post pictures so we may drool, and advise serial number to determine age.

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      Welcome to the forum and the exclusive group of X-66 owners - of which I wish I was a member!

      There's also hammondx66.com and an X-66 Facebook group that are well worth looking into. I think Dan Vigin's work may be on there as well. It could well be a stuck tonewheel or a connection from that wheel that's come adrift. And should everything go pear-shaped (and I'm sure it won't) there is always the Trek II solid state replacement generator. The sound from the organ is not generated from the TG, it only provides 12 reference frequencies, so changing to the Trek unit does not affect the sound of the organ - and you get to be able to transpose the organ up and down!

      And I concur, if that motor cap hasn't been changed by now, it should be. In fact, it's preventive maintenance so if you're in any doubt, then change it.
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        And visit the esteemed Mr Gilbert's Youtube video tribute to the X-66.
        Larry K

        Hammond BV+22H+DR-20, Celviano for piano practice
        Retired: Hammond L-102, M-3, S-6, H-112, B-2+21H+PR-40, B-3+21H, Hammond Aurora Custom, Colonnade.


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          As noted, the X-66 is a frequency divider organ, so if one note doesn't work, either the top octave generator, in this case either the 12 note tonewheel or replacement Tek unit, the frequency divider circuitry, or the connection between the two is faulty.

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