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Trouble with L-101 Preamp/Percussion Amp

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  • Trouble with L-101 Preamp/Percussion Amp

    I recently bought a used L-101 Hammond spinet. It was working perfectly until I decided to make a few modifications. Following some blurry pictures and directions I found on the internet, I set out to increase the keyclick. It seemed simple enough, just the simple removal of a capacitor from the preamp. But after making the modification and hooking everything back up, the organ wouldn't function properly. I can only hear sound from the manuals when I have the expression pedal all the way down, which makes me think the preamp is no longer doing its job. However, the percussion tones worked fine and had the full volume range. I turned off the organ and put the capacitor back into place, but the problems persisted. Even more strange, I looked at picture in the L-100 series service manual of how the preamp should be wired, and my preamp doesn't seem to have been wired correctly to begin with! I'd just like to have the organ working again. I'm a novice and as you can tell, and I'm clueless about what to do next, so any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.</P>

    Thank you!</P>

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    Re: Trouble with L-101 Preamp/Percussion Amp

    Well, nobody has responded so I will...</P>

    Is it possible that the cap you took out was polarized? If you put it in backwards and it was, then it is permanently destroyed. Get a new cap and try that. The symptoms might be consistent with a backwards cap.</P>

    The next thing of course is to make sure the cap ws restored to the correct terminals... it is easy to put it on the wrong place.</P>

    The last hing is if a cable has not been connected OR possibly the connector not seated fully.</P>