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Sad, whiny, weak, scratchy sound from tonewheel 56

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  • Sad, whiny, weak, scratchy sound from tonewheel 56

    Tone 56- everywhere it appears, has a slow, whining scratchy warbling weak sound not at all on pitch. Awful. Both manuals, every drawbar/note combo it appears on. The generator is making the usual squealing sound from lack of oil, could these be related?

    how might I fix this poor thing?

    its an A100.... been sitting in a living room all it’s life, probably not played in decades. I have oil going through, and every other tone is great.

    also reverb not working. Thoughts on that ole number 56???

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    Oil. Patience. If possible, oil directly with a spout or syringe on that particular tonewheel. Reverb amp will need standard point to point troubleshooting using schematic in the service manual, easily available or downloaded. If this is the newer reverb unit the RCA plugs on the tank may need to be cleaned and reseated-notorious for corrosion. If the old necklace type, the springs may be locked or the drivers are shot. Our esteemed Mr Anderson may chime in with better analytical advice on the amp.
    Larry K

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