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Hiring a mechanic to fix my organ

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  • Hiring a mechanic to fix my organ

    So, the hum on my organ has actually gotten worse. I don’t know what happened. I can’t fix this on my own, so I was able to get a hold of a mechanic. He’s coming out December 8th to take a look at the organ.

    Its great that I have a professional taking a look at it, but I feel kind of bad that I was unable to fix it on my own. Part of that is my ADHD.


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    You have to wait a month for service? Is he really that busy?


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      Yep. I actually was able to fix the hum, but now the upper keyboard is failing. I need a mechanic.


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        Apart from changing the capacitors in the power supply, and ensuring that the required voltages are getting to the various parts of the organ, I don't think the engineer is going to be able to do much more than you can yourself. Connectors, connectors.... And remember that you'll be doing this many times. It will probably work OK for a while, then start to fail here and there. They did this when brand new, as I've said before.

        Anyway, let's hope that his visit will leave you with a working organ that you can enjoy, hopefully for a reasonable length of time.
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          Originally posted by Jnicholes View Post
          Yep. I actually was able to fix the hum, but now the upper keyboard is failing. I need a mechanic.
          Try not to call him a mechanic to his face when he arrives. Organ Technician, even simply Technician, as a title, should not offend.


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            Thanks for the advice. I’ll call him and organ technician.

            anyway, about the connectors, I did clean most of them, but not all of them. Some were extremely difficult to access.